We Are Finding that Rebuilds are being offered by some companies for these units however these are not full service rebuilds it is not possible for the O.E shock to be rebuilt fully . so you can get a leaking seal replaced, but if like the shocks pictured below the damping needle has got stuck we are not currently aware of anyone offering a service that includes freeing off a stuck damping needle . this would require machining the peening off the damper shaft to remove the nut off then reinstating it and securing it .                                              Bear in mind the life expectancy of a rear Shock absorber is approx 30,000 Miles. It is  sometimes best to just bite the bullet and go for a replacement damper unit like the wilbers 5 Year warranties and rebuildable

We Are Now offering ESA & Non ESA Shock Repairs  for leaking shocks for R1150/1200 like above this assumes the Shaft is in a serviceable state to be reused.

We Are Also offering Diagnostics for ESA Faults ,

Wilbers Damper units £600 for reuse of ESA Preload & Damping steeper Motor Foot.   Replacement Damper Control stepper Motors
we are also looking into K1200/1300 Shock rebuilds so please ask .


Wilbers using O.E ESA Motors
& old damping failed BMW unit
R1200RT Blown seal
damping Lost
awaiting wilbers treatment
R1200GSA Wilbers Damper fitted to O.E Motors
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